Pulse Sensor Data lost After Reboot


I have reboot my emonpi and it seems to have lost the pulse sensor data. Any ideas?

Not from that description. Explain a little more.

Do you mean you have lost the historical data, or do you mean that the pulse count is not appearing on the Inputs page, or what?


I mean that it was reset to zero upon power cycle, But historical data seems to be there in the graphs section??

That’s the expected behaviour. The count is accumulated in the “emon” front end RAM, and will restart at zero if power is cycled or if the ‘emon’ front end is restarted. The “emonPiCM” software that I released earlier in the year does however retain the pulse count (with limitations) in NVRAM.

The “Wh accumulator” and “kWh accumulator” input processes in emonCMS do retain the last value when the (accumulating) input returns to zero, so that the value stored in the feed will continue to accumulate.

So, do I have this setup incorrectly?

No, you want the process “Wh accumulator” and look at the 'Help" associated with that:

Wh Accumulator: Use with emontx, emonth or emonpi pulsecount or an emontx running firmware emonTxV3_4_continuous_kwhtotals sending cumulative watt hours.

This processor ensures that when the emontx is reset the watt hour count in emoncms does not reset, it also checks filter’s out spikes in energy use that are larger than a max power threshold set in the processor, assuming these are error’s, the max power threshold is set to 60 kW.

[Apologies for the rather misleading punctuation.]

You may keep “Log to feed” if you wish (if you want to keep the raw pulse count) and add “Wh accumulator” and a separate feed that will retain the accumulated value. I think the accumulators handle decimal values, so you can add a scaling factor above the accumulator if your pulse does not represent 1 Wh.

Robert, thanks for that. Makes sense now.
I have tried a couple of power cycles and only lose a couple of pulses so we can live with that

Thanks again