Proximity of EmonTX to EMonBASE units

Hi all, I was wondering if there is a minimum and maximum distance that that the EmonTX and EmonBase units are placed in proximity to each other. Reason I ask, I had an installation that continued failing (EmonTX and Emonbase) stopped communicating and subsequently stopped recording to After some investigations, I found that by moving the emonTX from maybe 4 inched away from the EmonBASE, To around 10 inches, it has been working well since. Maybe me being crazy about this but suppose it would help if anyone experienced the same issue.


Is this related in any way to your other post Technical specification of EmonTX/ Emonbase units ?

Overloading the receiver is a known issue. If you have a reasonably late software version in your emonTx, it should be easy enough to turn the output power down. It’s going to be harder if it’s an older version, but still possible. (You’ll need a programmer and the Arduino IDE.) In your case, the ‘best’ solution - if that’s the only sensor node working to the base - would be to use a wired serial connection and turn off the radio.

The alleged maximum range is in the order of 100 m, though that’s heavily dependent on whether there’s a clear path, reflections, obstacles etc as with any UHF radio signal.

thanks @Robert.Wall. Not particularly related but had the issues with units dropping out during the current project of some 14 or so weeks but the issue with proximity seems to be resolved thankfully - fingers crossed. The other problem with 3No units dropping out over the past weekend is strange enough as we have had no problems before with these particular installations and the colder weather was my first thought.