Process list setup to define energy cost - How to do?


After make a local installation of emoncms and inject the inputs of the energy parameters, I try to config a feed to have the energy cost associated.
I search in the forum, but all the explain and examples stop in the kWh and kWhd processing.
In fact, I used the my electric application and zoom graph and works well, giving me the electricity cost, but I like to make a configuration in a feed to have this cost.
Anyone have a example of the process list setup in the input?

I try to make this with simple tariff by now, but the objective is to use multiple rate tariff (EDP Portugal).

Thanks in advance,
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Did you look at the archived forums?

adding daily electricity cost to a dashboard using a ‘feed value’ widget

EmonCMS multi rate energy billing support

EmonCMS multi rate scheduler

I just tried a search on the word tarriff.

Thanks, pb66.

Before post in the forum, I search and find the same posts.
In fact, after read all I can put the emoncms to do calculation of the energy cost.
I think the forum don’t have a simple post to help to make the calculation of the energy cost.

At today, my config with posts help is in test for me and the calculated calculated values appears to be ok.
Thanks for your help.

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