Problems with the web interface

I’ve been using EMONCMS for years - great product - you guys are doing an excellent job!
I’ve recently upgraded to “low write 10.2.3” (according to the footer on the web interface page). Some great changes to the web interface, however the upgrade leaves me with some serious problems.

EMONCMS web pages:
Inputs list:

  • Row display goes wrong if window width shrunk (row height goes large and and columns e.g. process list disappear).
  • Looks like default sort is “Node | id” with no option to change. Would be good if “sort by column” option could be re-instated!

Feeds list:

  • On the Feeds display page, the default name for nodes seems to have changed from “Node x” to “x”. There seems to be no way to change the node id so I now have a mixture of “Node x” and “x” - even for the same x (can’t add a new feed to e.g. Node 3 - it goes into 3). Same problem visible in Graphs sidebar. Oddly though Input list has dropped the word “Node” completely.
  • Looks like default sort is “Node | id” with no option to change. Would be good if “sort by column” option could be re-instated!

EMONCMS web page - specific to Mobile device:
Inputs list:

  • In portrait mode, can only see sensor id column. Landscape restores updated time count and current value but no process list. Cannot scroll sideways. Row heights (variously) far too tall - lots of blank space.
  • Dashboard dimensions have changed. All need to be redrawn to fit again! Responsive would be great - but I guess, from forum postings, that’s not going to happen.

I appreciate that a lot of work went into this latest change and the result is good. I only use EMONCMS, I have no need for EMONHUB, the mobile app or the Devices module (all a bit too specific for me). Don’t know if the issues I raise affect other users however it would be so good if at least some of these could be fixed.

EMONCMS Version: low write 10.2.3; git status" says “On branch stable, Your branch is up-to-date with ‘origin/stable’.”
PC Browsers: Chrome Version 84.0.4147.89; MS Edge Version 84.0.522.44
Android Browser: Chrome Version 84.0.4147.89

Thanks for the feedback @Dunum, we’re currently focusing development work on other parts of the system but I will make a note of your post for when we next work on this side of things. I’ve created an issue on emoncms repository linking to your post Emoncms 10 user interface issues · Issue #1619 · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub

Thank you.

Have been using EmonCMS v9 for the last 4 years (stable and bugfree!) and decided to migrate now to the new UI.
Much of this bugs are now fixed on 10.3 here: Bugfixing 10.3 by chaveiro · Pull Request #1659 · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub