Problems with new HD

Hi everyone,

I’m using emoncms v8.3.5 in a local server. Today I’ve bought a new HD and I’m triyng to use it the same way than before, but I have some problems:
1. Some users are receiving inputs normally, the most are receiving nothing.
2. New DB has thousands of connections and an huge data traffic (in 10 min. 5k connections and 0.5 Gb data traffic)

These have been my steps:
1. SQL back up.
2. Install OS over new HD (Ubuntu Server 14.04, the same in both HDs)
3. Copy emoncms web folder.
4. Copy data folder
5. Create a DB and import the SQL back up.
6. Enable mod rewrite.
7. Working fine, but the problems mentioned.

If I connect the old HD, everything runs well…

Any idea?

Thank you!