Problems installing on Raspbian Stretch

As I had a Raspberry Pi with Stretch handy, I thought when I received my two emonTH units, I’d simply give the manual installation a go:

Before I give up and simply write an emonSD, perhaps someone can help me debug the problem:

emonCMS itself is running. It has recognised the inputs, but not that they are emonTHs and therefore the values of the input are arbitrary and have no units. Additionally, there seem to be some menu items missing:


Although the inputs are updated every few seconds, if I try to create a feed from one of them, the feed is not updated.

Any clues?

Yes the inputs mean nothing. It is the feeds that have meaning and are logged. Have you followed this bit of the Guide? 2. Log Locally - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Go to Setup-EmonHub-Edit config. You should have this configuration for nodes 23 & 24:

    nodename = emonth5
       names = temperature, external temperature, humidity, battery, pulsecount
       datacodes = h,h,h,h,L
       scales = 0.1,0.1,0.1,0.1,1
       units = C,C,%,V,p

    nodename = emonth6
       names = temperature, external temperature, humidity, battery, pulsecount
       datacodes = h,h,h,h,L
       scales = 0.1,0.1,0.1,0.1,1
       units = C,C,%,V,p

Once you receive data for nodes 23 or 24, you will see this data under Node emonth5 or Node emonth6.

@lgheorghe Your post refers to the emonpi version of emonhub, whilst the build guide which @jeff has used, uses the standard emonhub (the sooner that those 2 versions are combined - the better!!!), so please disregard that post Jeff.

@jeff as @borpin has said, have you created any feeds from the inputs as per Brian’s link? if so, and they still don’t update, please check that your database has been updated at menu Setup > Administration (if you can’t see the Administration menu - log out and log back in again).
Whilst in Administration, check the error log for any messages.

Then recheck the Create data repositories for emoncms feed engines: section of the build guide to see if you may have missed a step.

Once you get feeds to log ok, we can sort out assigning ‘units’.

Which menu items? please be specific.


If you have done a manual install, you need to add in the additional modules you want (such as Apps, dashboard etc). You need to root around in the GitHub repository to find them as they are not packaged with the core Emoncms install.

@Paul - don’t hold your breath… :smile: or possibly GRD

@Paul @jeff Sorry for the wrong info - I had no idea there are 2 versions of emonhub.

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Yes, I did, but the feed was not updated, although the input was:

$ ls -lt /var/lib/phpfina/
total 4
-rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data  0 Feb  7 22:43 2.dat
-rw-r--r-- 1 www-data www-data 16 Feb  7 22:43 2.meta

The permissions seem to be correct - the files were created OK. But no data is landing there.

I saw screenshots with menus in the top left hand corner, but I suppose they were things like Apps and Dashboards.

They are installed as additional Modules, as per the install guides.


For some reason, the ownership & permissions on your data folders doesn’t look correct.
They should be;
drwxr-xr-x 2 www-data root 4096 Feb 7 22:24 phpfina
You need to correct this using chmod and chown.


A level up, it is the same as yours:

drwxr-xr-x 2 www-data root    4096 Feb  7 22:46 phpfina

But surely the data files should not have the executable bits set?

Changing the group shouldn’t and doesn’t seem to make a difference:

/var/lib/phpfina $ sudo chgrp root 2.*
/var/lib/phpfina $ ls -lt
total 4
-rw-r--r-- 1 www-data root  0 Feb  7 22:43 2.dat
-rw-r--r-- 1 www-data root 16 Feb  7 22:43 2.meta

Thanks for trying. Any other suggestions?

But you haven’t followed the advice, or replied to my posts so far;

You haven’t answered

You haven’t answered

You haven’t answered

The permissions are still wrong. (The emphasis being on ‘recursively’)



Which aspect of the permissions are wrong? The /var/lib/phpfina directory permission identical to those you posted, and below that, there are just those two files.

Thanks for any pointers


Your permissions are 644

Mine are 755

I did say recursively;

Try sudo chmod -R 755 /var/lib/{phpfiwa,phpfina,phptimeseries}


To Jeff’s point, the files in the folders don’t need 755 unless they’re either directories or executables. Since they are neither of those two things, they really should not be marked with the “x” bit.
They definitely do need 644 (which they have).

The group does appear to be wrong still though - but the group permission is the same as the everyone permission anyway so I’d be very surprised if that made any difference at all.

Well let’s see!


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Try clicking ‘auto refresh’ above the logger window. You will then see the real time log. What Logging level are you set at? Set to LOG and you will at least see the call to get the latest log entries.

I’m working fine on these permissions. No idea why they are what they are :slight_smile:

[email protected]:/var/lib/phpfina # ls -la
total 1220
drwxr-xr-x  2 www-data root        4096 Jan 26 14:41 .
drwxr-xr-x 33 root     root        4096 Jan 24 17:59 ..
-rw-r--r--  1 www-data www-data 1221564 Feb  8 22:46 3.dat
-rw-r--r--  1 www-data www-data      16 Jan  4 14:27 3.meta
-rw-r--r--  1 www-data www-data    1280 Feb  8 22:33 4.dat
-rw-r--r--  1 www-data www-data      16 Jan 26 15:43 4.meta

So remind me again, what exactly isn’t working?

Those permissions match mine exactly.