Problems following new ISP/modem router

I have moved from Plusnet to Zen today which involved replacing my Draytek DSL modem router for a Fritz!Box. My EmonPi is the only thing I cannot get to talk to the new WiFi. I can detect it ok on the setup - wifi page of emoncms but after selecting the network and filling in the wifi key followed by save and connect it just stays disconnected. It worked fine on the Draytek wifi. I tried SSH into the Pi and running raspi-config but there is no wifi setup option there. I suspect it’s an older RPi fitted without the built in wifi as most of my other RPi’s have a wifi setup option in raspi-config. Works fine on ethernet, but thats not an option.

Does the WiFi key have special characters? I seem to remember an issue with this.

My ‘trick’ is to create the old SSID on the new router with the same password and everything just works. Having said that, my WiFi is independent of my ISPs router now (in fact Wi-Fi is switched off on it).

If this is an early emonPi and/or emonSD image then there was a bit of a quirk where you couldn’t connect via wifi when the Ethernet lead was still connected. Even though the WiFi looks like it isn’t working/connecting, try removing the Ethernet cable regardless, to see if the WiFi then connects.

No special characters. Just a row of 20 numbers. I did think about renaming the router but wanted it different from the Draytek for a couple of reasons. This is a mesh wifi system with a couple of repeaters.

It’s about 3 years old and was fitted with a 2016 version SD card and hasn’t had any updates since. I did try removing the Ethernet cable but didn’t seem to help. I am now trying a new image but having trouble restoring from the original SD card. Doesn’t seem to see the card reader in the RPi.

Search for “USB” on the forum.