Problem with process order when creating Import Power

I am trying to log the Import Power as per the Guide. However it isn’t working correctly, either because I have the processes in the wrong order or I misunderstood the configuration.

Here is what I have set up:

I also want to log the Export Power, but I assume if I can understand how to do the Import Power, then this should be straight forward.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I think that WhAccumulator is the spanner in the works, try removing that so that the raw power value is passed on to the minus solar.

I would also add a “nett grid” log to feed after the -solar, then if the import is correct all you then need is to add “reset to zero” then “+feed” “nett grid” “allow negative” “log to feed” “export_power” etc.

Thank you Paul for your assistance.

I thought the WhAccumulator was required for Solar App or Electric2 App or something similar.