Problem with first boot

hi, I just got a new solar bundle.
I’ve connected it both with 5v 2A DC and 220V power supply, lan and CT sensor and booted it.
On the lcd I see raspberry booting…
then it switches to emonPi build: emonSD-30oct18

then nothing happens, even if I press the reset button.

what can I do at this stage? this is a first boot of a brend new kit.

thank you


Have you followed the instructions here 1. Connect - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Obvious question, have you plugged in the network cable into the port marked ethernet (the RJ45 next to the USB ports).

It can take quite a while to start first time.

Here is a follow up to this issue: I’ve managed to get an ipaddress by booting the emon without the pulse sensor and pluggin it in only after the first boot had occurred.

Hopefully a daft question! But are/were you plugging the pulsecounter into the right rj45? Further to Brians question above, there are 2 rj45 sockets, one at each end. They are NOT operationally interchangeable although the sockets are physically identical and therefore you can plug the wrong thing in accidentally quite easily. One is for Ethernet and the other is for pulsecounter or tempsensor etc. The only way a pulse counter should/could interfere with the networking would perhaps be if the pulsecounter was plugged into the Ethernet socket in error (I do not know if this is definitely the expected outcome as I have never tried it and am not really intending to test it in case it causes any damage)

Lan cable has always been connected to the same plug (the LAN labelled plug)

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Hello @flaviodexter, if you open the ip address in your browser to you see the emoncms setup page? showing “Continue on Ethernet”?