Problem with emonPi


help me please… The EmonPi arrived but there is a big problem… It is booting in a loop. Following, some pictures and a video showing the problem. I already bought another Micro SD card and build new image: the newst and the may 2016 image. The problem still there…

PS1: With your pre-build sd card, the system reboot and lost video. Doesn’t stay in a loop but in the lcd display show “Raspberry Pi Booting…”

Any idea?


I cannot determine much from your post, clip or screenshot I’m afraid but the emonPi tries to update on first boot and it is very vulnerable to interruptions whilst updating, sometimes it isn’t obvious it is updating.

I recommend starting with another clean image, this time put the fresh SD image in the emonPi, attach an Ethernet cable so it has a good network connection, then connect the power and leave it for half an hour or so befor pushing any buttons or attaching any sensors etc. Let the updates complete so you have the latest softwares and then log in remotely from another PC to emoncms on the emonPi.

If it continues to “loop” without any alteration then it could be a faulty emonPi or perhaps the power supply, are you using a shop purchased supply or have you sourced your own?