Problem downloading my data from to local emoncms

Hi there,

A few days ago I downloaded the new emonSD-03May16 image for my emonbase (RPi with RFM69) and fired it up. I’ve been running the emonSD-13-03-15 image for a year, sending data to, but as this new version has the local emoncms active, I thought I would download my data from, so that the local and remote DB would have the same data.

The script found 14 feeds and started downloading, but it was massively slow, even leaving overnight it hadn’t finished downloading the first feed which was around 13MB.

Before I go into any details, and because I haven’t had any experience with the mysql DB yet, I wanted to ask if I am doing anything foolish? If I want to download the data, do I need to stop the DB first? Is it safe to repeat / rerun the script? Should it take a long time to download the data ? I have 160Mb broadband so I don’t think that is the restriction.

I did start off trying to use the ethernet port for the connection, assuming it would be quicker than wlan, and so I downed wlan. Later I noticed wlan was up, and eventually I found the script that checks and restarts it, so I have wondered whether having two active interfaces could have affected something.

I haven’t re-tested the backup script as I was busy playing with node-red, but would still like to download the data and have a local emoncms, to play with, so any tips for a mysql newbie would be appreciated.



Hello Ian, the download should be really quick, could it have been a temporary blip?, I assume your using the usefulscripts backup tool?