Problem displaying daily evse energy requirements on dashboard

My estimated total ev energy consumption is roughly 3.3MWh (3300kWh)

The total energy shown on the EVSE display is 3320kWh which looks about right

Using feed openevse ev_energy with feed unit kWh indicates 33207kWh

This is * 10 for some reason

The * 10 can be corrected in the graphs using a scale of 0.1

On the dashboard I am using a dial to display total power and this can be corrected with a scale of 0.1

To provide a daily power value I use a kWh period widget and select ev_energy but there is no option to change the scale so the display is times 10 what it should be.

The problem starts with the feed. If that can be fixed, I shall not need to change the scale anywhere.

No progress on this one. Any thoughts @TrystanLea?