Problem about showing data in visualization

Hi, I have a problem when I want to create a multigraph or other graph in Visualization module. The graph is empty after I choose the feed. Also I have the same problem when I create any graph in Dashboard, but whit other widget I have not this problem and in graph module I can see historic data feed when I select any feed.

I have a emoncms installation on Debian 10. I followed emoncms/ at master · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub guide.

I attached a image which show what I appear when I create a multigraph in Visualization module.

Have anyone the same problem? Can you help me?


Image module Visualization|690x346 (Mod - we encourage posters to upload images directly - if you are a first time poster we can bump your permissions on request :grin:)

So the first line of the guide basically says don’t.

Is there actually any data there? Go to the Feed page, select the Feed and then click on the view icon.