Printable case for EmonTx

I had some time to draw a printable case for the emonTx.
My guy owning the printer comes back next week. Any ideas/input before I print the first prototype?
(Not that I don’t like the original case, but I had to consider budget, so I bough the raw emonTx.)


That looks good.

What about the screw terminals? Someone else might want to use them, even if you don’t. If you created a ‘knock-out’ section, then a redesign would be avoided.

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Good idea. I wasn’t sure how often the ports are actually used. I’ll Send pictures once it’s printed!

I’m not sure either, but I give you an absolute guarantee that if you don’t make them usable, somebody will want to use them. (Known here as Sod’s Law :roll_eyes:)

So my thought was, just a thinned line (on the inside) to outline a section that can be removed with a sharp knife, or left in place if the terminals remain unused.

I think it’s reasonable to remove the board from the case to use the programming port, but you could do the same there, if you wished.