Pre-Purchase Question

I’ve got crystal ball failure. Who and which office? That makes no sense to me. Are you talking about the emonTx and the emonPi not taking their respective readings synchronously?

The number on the open energy site, here. The tx sending reads to the pi is what I was told.

OK. If both work at the default rate, which is one report every 10 s, then one set of measurements will be up to 10 s adrift compared to your reference. If things change quickly and you’re doing maths comparing readings from two sources, then you will get an error, one that’s going to be proportional to the time difference and the rate of change. So if you only want daily totals, or even hourly or half-hourly ones, I don’t think it will be significant. You’ll need to look at what you’re measuring and the amount and the rate of change, and try to evaluate the effect it will have for you.

Thanks Robert, that is what I thought.

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