Pre order questions

Hello, I’m looking to monitor my off-grid solar system. What I have first and what I’m looking to accomplish. In US, I have two PV arrays into a single Midnite Classic via a combiner box near the Classic. about a 20kw battery bank (Li-Ion 51.8 nominal) that feeds an AIMS 6k Split phase inverter charger, this in turn runs to the main breaker in a standard us breaker box 110v into each leg.

I would like to monitor each PV array for total input kwh per day
Battery bank usage (DC)
AC Energy usage - cumulative
Generator/external charging usage (when used)

The inverter charger does not work often as a charger and I do have another external charger that feeds into the main Battery bus bars so when I mentioned above I assume the current is two way and if the inverter did transfer to charging this would be reflected so looking more to monitor the input of the external AC charger that is used mainly in winter after a long span of cloudy days.

Just confused as to what to buy. I would like to be able to expand later, I like visuals and I would want to see long-running trends to the point of year over year analysis.


Welcome, Reuben, to the OEM forum.

I’m in the UK, but we have many users in the USA & N.America generally who might be able to give you specific local advice.

I think the first thing we need to know is what is pure 240 V? I think you’ll find your supply is likely to be 120 V - 0 - 120 V, not 110 V which is the usual voltage here for portable tools (as 55 - 0 - 55 V) and industrial controls.

I would imagine the solar inverter could well be 240 V (i.e. only the controls are 120 V), but I expect the battery inverter is genuine 120 - 0 - 120 in order for it to handle unbalanced legs as you turn your 120 V appliances on and off. I take it the external charger would be driven by a prime mover. What voltage does that put out?

The reason for asking all these things is, as explained on our “Use in N.America” page in Learn, all our kit is primarily designed for the standard UK domestic supply, which is single phase 240 V a.c. How many c.t’s, how many voltage monitors and hence how many monitoring channels you need all depends on how everything is connected and to what voltage.

Thanks Robert,
That makes sense, I believe pure is 220v AC with each leg being 110v out of phase of each other. I read some of that document but it talks alot about Grid tied. I will try to get a rough wiring diagram put together and go verify the voltages.