Practical differences between EmonEVSE and OpenEVSE

Hi I’m trying to understand the practical differences between the EmonEVSE and OpenEVSE. There’s a fair price difference between them (OpenEVSE is about £200 cheaper). Based on this page though the functionality is basically the same: EV Charging - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

I plan to use it mainly for PV diversion and I already have an EMON CMS. Other than the fact that OpenEVSE is a kit - so needs to be built - and will require a tether, is there any other substantial difference I should consider? E.g. does the EmonEVSE work better with EmonCMS because its built by the same people? I only need single phase. Thanks and sorry if this is a silly question, I couldn’t find a clear answer in the forum.

Three main differences:

  1. The EmonEVSE has a type-2 socket, the OpenEVSE requires purchasing a tethered cable to permanently attach.

  2. The EmonEVSE is fully assembled and tested, the OpenEVSE is sold in DIY kit form.

  3. The EmonEVSE is available with Ethernet and three-phase options, the OpenEVSE kit is WiFi only and single-phase only.

Apart from these differences they both use the same controller hardware and run the same software, functionality wise they are identical. They will both perform PV divert and work with Emoncms is exactly the same way.

Currently, we only have stock of EmonEVSE. However, we are expecting stock of OpenEVSE kits in a few weeks.

Great many thanks! That’s exactly what I needed.