Powering emonTH from PSU

I’ve got two emonTH units in my garage and could easily power them from a DIN rail PSU I have adjacent (6V but OK?).

I see some mentions of putting a USB connector on the board (but would have to use a different case?)

Is there another way of providing a connector to the board?

(PS now realise I could have used just one emonTH and changed the programming to accommodate two external temp sensors)

You can power using the screw terminal block or the FTDI connector, but 6 V is pushing your luck, as the maximum input voltage of the internal regulator is exactly 6.0 V, and the ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM voltage beyond which damage is likely is 7.0 V.

If your 6.0 V cannot be changed, how about a series diode to lose 0.6 V? Or two to lose 1.2 V? At 4.8 V, the regulator will still be way clear of the drop-out voltage, which is about 3.7 V.

OK, won’t connect directly!