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PostProcess not creating BatterySimulator

I am trying to create the battery simulator post process. I provide all the required details, careful to choose correct existing feeds and specifying unique names for others. When I click Create, it creates all the additional feeds, but does not create the process itself.
I have tried creating other post processes, e.g. addfeeds or powertokwh, and they get created successfully, and appear to be run OK.
I am doing this on my local EmonPi, and using Chrome browser. Any suggestions about what is going on here?
Thanks, Bob

Hello @schematech just tried running this here and it seems to be working after I cleared some old processes I had in the post process list, This is what it should look like, it took a while to process for me as there was a lot of data in the source feeds:

Could you check your browsers console window to see if it gives any errors when you try to create the process?

Hi -

Thanks for that. I’m away from home at the moment but will try this when i return and post an update.


@TrystanLea OK, I have just tried it with the console open and have spotted the creation problem. When the list of feeds is displayed, it includes one called ‘import’, which shows in red because (I assume) that already exists in my MySolar setup. So I have been changing that to ‘imported’ to overcome that. All parameters now display in green, BUT the console says it then cannot create a feed called ‘import_kWh’ as it already exists - which, for the same reason as above, it does.
So I changed that to ‘imported_kWh’ and the process was created OK. Note that the ‘import_kWh’ feed parameter was displayed in green initially - had it been red like the ‘import’ one, I may have got the answer earlier.

It has now produced some data, which I’ll take a while to evaluate.
Thanks for your help.