Posting to emoncms from ENC28J60

Hello, I’m Sergio from Portugal, I’ve been setting up my home energy monitor and I choose to have the arduino shieldTX to send the data to the emonpi by ethernet.
I have ethernet near the main circuit breaker and I setted up the ENC28J60 for eth, and a AC/AC transformer to get the Voltage readings.
Everything seems to work perfectly, the arduino gets his IP, finds the DNS and GW and finds the IP server, local emonpi and the remote emoncms; the Voltage is showing, the amps are showing as well as the Watts, but only in the serial monitor of the arduino IDE.
I think that is something with the post string.
the RPi has the original SD image (emonSD-03May16) available here, haven’t touch it yet.
What am I missing here? any help?

Thank you

I can already post to the srv, but cant post the inputs to the local RPi

I can post to the local RaspberryPi, I was missing the leading / before the folder, like /emoncms.

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Great! Nice work :thumbsup:

Is this issue now fixed?

Yes, fixed, thank you

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Hi Sergio, could you publish the sketch? I have a similar problem posting from arduino nano and ethernet shield, do you use ethercard.h library? Thanks

Hi Ernest, I would like to help you but I have not the sketch anymore. I remember that I made no change to it so the original will work for sure. I use the arduino uno R3 not the nano.
Here is the FW: GitHub - openenergymonitor/emontx-shield: emonTx Arduino Shield
The library was that one, the ethercard.h.
Do you get the dhcp IP? Did you connect it correctly?
I use these pins:

ENC SO -> Arduino pin 12
ENC SI -> Arduino pin 11
ENC SCK -> Arduino pin 13
ENC CS -> Arduino pin 8
ENC VCC -> Arduino 3V3 pin
ENC GND -> Arduino Gnd pin

sorry for not being a great help.