Posting feeds from Emoncms to Arduino nodes

Hi, I have been using EmonCms V8.2.8 with the ‘RFM12b Packet generator’ add in. This has worked brilliantly for a few years! However, I have now moved to the latest version of emoncms (10.8.5) I have edited the Emonhub successfully to add my 16(!) Arduino nodes. Reading the doc on EmonCMS you can add a [[[TX]]] function to send control feeds to other nodes. I did this using node 3 which is also the node number of the Pi. However when I select a button (to change the state of a feed) the Tx feeds do not appear, so I cannot programme it. Do I need to do anything else? Have tried sending Hour, Minute, Second, but again when selecting node 3 on an arduino there is no data. Also tried the example GLCD code (with both [[[rx]]] and [[[tx]]] but that also didn’t work. Any thoughts will be gratefully received on what I am doing wrong!

Hello @BakerA01 the emoncms packetgen module was deprecated a while ago and it’s been a long time since I did any testing with this mechanism of sending data. Can you remind me where you saw this?

Reading the doc on EmonCMS you can add a [[[TX]]] function to send control feeds to other nodes.

Hi Trystan,
Firstly thank you so much for producing such a fantastic set of products. I have recommended openenergymonitor to many engineering friends! I have two Nissan leaf battery’s (configured as a 48v Battery) a 8kVA Quattro and 2.5kW of grid tied, and a further 2.7kW of PV’s. powering the house Generally do not purchase any electricity in the summer :smile:

I saw the [[[tx]]] element here: emonhub/ at emon-pi · openenergymonitor/emonhub · GitHub section on nodes.

I currently have tried (New Pi is node 3) from emonhub:
nodename = 3_Control

datacode = b
units = h,min,sec,V

I’m not necessarily needing the packetgen module I would like the ability to use Emoncms to send control data to the nodes. Currently I have set (on V8.2.8 old system) the pi as node 15, and each arduino receives this and acts on it. A line of code from one of the arduinos:

typedef struct {byte heating, Outside_lights, Hr, Min, Hot_Tap, Re_Boot, Gennie_Enable, Sec_lightsOn;} PayloadREM; // node 15 remote control
PayloadREM emonrem;

I use this to switch on lights, turn the hot tap off remotely etc. I should say whilst I have taught myself ‘C’ (to programme the Arduinos) I’m not an expert on Linux… (yet)

Can I do this in the current emoncms (without using packetgen)
Many Thanks