Post process items disappear

I’ve lost post processes that had been previously setup, and believe I understand what I did to create this problem, but have not found a means to resolve it without removing the feeds and starting again. I’m also interested in understanding what happened to see if we can prevent it for others.

If I create a post process:

This is my current feeds list:

The grouping of “Post Process” is where the problem stems from. If I click on the pencil for “Test2” and change the ‘tag’ to ‘Post Process’, then go back to the post process list, it still shows. However, if I then restart the the machine, it now says “No processes created yet”.

I’ve tried to look through the code and work out what is happening, but am struggling to understand where this data is stored and hence how to recreate/ recover these processes.

If anyone can point me in the direction to understand how the post processes are stored, then I’m happy to tinker and investigate from there.


Hello @CDuffy, The process list is stored as a json string in redis. There seems to be something going wrong with the code that’s meant to automatically remove processes where the feed does not exist, the process list is resaved here: postprocess/postprocess_controller.php at emonpi · emoncms/postprocess · GitHub
It might be best to just comment out that line and add a separate delete process button…

Thanks @TrystanLea,
Is it only stored in redis? And hence would be lost after redis is flushed or restarted?
Is post process expected to be more of a one off than a perpetually used capability?

Hello @CDuffy, I had a little time yesterday to look at this and switched the postprocess list over to mysql which will as you say give better usability in a greater number of circumstances use mysql for postprocess list data · emoncms/postprocess@2e90cb6 · GitHub


I’m testing this function and … where is the button to delete post process that I don’t need
only appear “create new”…
but when I want to remove one ??? how can I “remove process”