Populating emoncms mysql database with energy data

Hello, I want to know how do I use the emoncms mysql database structure to store consumption, energy, power, temperature data? because I don’t want data to be stored only in folders
/ var / lib / phpfiwa
/ var / lib / phpfina
/ var / lib / phptimeseries
/ var / lib / timestore

This thread should help:

Are you aware that you’ll take a significant peformance hit with MySQL?
Performance won’t drop immediately, but rather get slower as your database grows.
If you’re not running emonCMS on a Raspberry Pi, this may not be an issue. i.e. depending on the hardware you’re running, performance may not be impacted to the same degree as it would when running emonCMS on a RasPi.

I want to know
How do I read the data from these files where they are currently being used for use in another application (web page)?

All the information you need is here: Learn→Electricity Monitoring→Timeseries

I’v been using mysql by my own option for years.
It has grown to 20GB and no performance degradation here.
It can show a graph for a full 5 years of data as fast as one week.
The trick is how mysql engine builds the queries to ‘sample’ the data.



What hardware are you running your “20GB database” on?