PHPTIMESERIES feed data stopped appearing in graphs

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Since 06:34 (GMT) this morning my PHPTIMESERIES feeds data is not appearing in graphs.

The INPUT and FEED information shows data arriving - so value changes display on both pages, but a graph for this PHPTIMESERIES feed shows no data since 06:34.

One of my inputs goes to a PHPFINA and a PHPTIMESERIES feed. A graph of the PHPFINA feed shows data since 06:34, a graph of the PHPTIMESERIES feed stops at 06:34.

Seen for 4 PHPTTIMESERIES feeds.

No changes to config or local config. The display of PHPFINA data for period 06:34 onwards suggest no problems with getting data to

Any thoughts?

i’m seeing the same thing, just checked a few phptimeseries feeds on more than one account and they have stopped at 06:33 this morning. the data is not seen in the graphs nor is it present in a CSV download. other feed types appear ok.

Any known issues @TrystanLea ?

EDIT - I notice there is also nearly 2mins of lag in the input processing

Sorry to not catch this sooner, PHPTIMESERIES data has resumed recording. Yes input processing queues are lagging in the daytime today and monday, Im working on it.

Thanks for the notification, Trystan

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I have managed to sort the issue that was causing input processing queues to lag for now. All running smoothly again.


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