PHPFIWA Problem upgrading to 9.8.0

Just started using 9.8.0 and I’m getting PHPFIWA errors in the log file

`2017-04-24 13:17:09.747|WARN|PHPFiwa.php|PHPFiwa:post failed to fetch meta id=72655`

All PHPFIWA feeds are failing but PHPFINA etc are OK
I can’t view PHPWIA feeds in multigraph of the feed viewer.
The Feed table appears to be updating OK.

What do I need to do to get these PHPFIWA feeds to work on my 9.8.0 version?



I was running 9.3.1 hosted (no redis)
Created a new directory for 9.8.0 emoncms files, copied sql database and data directories/files for testing.
Set up went OK and inputs seem OK.
I’m now running my original 9.3.1 totally separate from the new 9.8.0

AAAgh - my bad!
Finger trouble with the settings
Everything now seems to be working OK

Thanks for some great software :grinning: