Phantom usage pulses?

G’day folks,

I have a Heatpump monitor running with 3CT’s as a lightweight emonTx + emonBase.

I have recently linked 2x emonTH units to the monitor and I am now seeing ~4.5kW spikes at ~7 minute intervals. Is there some activity going on in the 433 MHz firmware that could be causing this EMI / EMC issue ?

Nothing has changed in the home setup apart from introducing the emonTH modules.

Loosely related, does anybody know when the Heatpump monitor is expected to become available in the store again?


Further investigation shows the second emonTH is causing the spikes somehow (pulling the batteries removes the logged power spikes) though I’m not sure why this is so.

I do know the second TH has not been fully configured in the Heatpump firmware as I didn’t have TH hardware to hand for testing. I am now 1800km away from the hardware so it will be a few months before I can try firmware modifications.