Ovms gps

Hey there, I’m considering purchasing an OVMS device for my Nissan ENV200. I’ve noticed it is GPS enabled with separate antenna. Can someone explain how this is used on the app? I am asking because I’m also considering purchasing a tracking device too, but wonder if I actually need to if I have the OVMS installed. The tracking app will allow to set geofences and other user configurable settings, not certain whether the OVMS device can be used as a tracker (security purposes).
Any help appreciated

Hi Matt,

The GPS function of OVMS allows you to see the location and speed of the vehicle on the OVMS app. The app will send a possible theft alert to your phone it detects the vehicle is being moved without being switched on e.g flat bed theft etc.

My insurance company gave me a discount because of this feature.

It’s also possible to get the GPS data via MQTT, with a bit of NodeRed tinkering I’ve connected my vehicle to OwnTracks to log the location overtime and create GPS trace maps.