Optical Pulse Counter Interface


I would like to interface the Optical Pulse Counter to a 3.3v microprocessor… My only concern is that the Optical Pulse Counter wiki states it has a TTL output. But it also states that minimum power required is 3.3 which sort of suggests it is not a classic TTL output.

I cannot find a circuit for the pulse counter but the instructions to interface to a EmonTH suggest it will work at 3.3volts. The EmonTH circuit shows the OPC receiving 3.3v from the EmonTH and the EmonTH circuit shows the pulse output from the counter going straight to a digital input on the microprocessor which is 3.3v.

So as far as I can see it looks like it should work. Am I missing anything?

Yes, it will work fine powered by 3.3v. The sensor is powered by 3.3v when used with our hardware.