Operating environment for EMONPI

I am wondering whether it is okay to install an EMONPI inside a power smart meter box when the box is outside?
In other words, temperature and humidity there will change with the weather, ranging from 5 to 30 deg C, and humidity from 50 to 100% when raining.
The box itself is dry inside. Can an EMONPI withstand that “outdoor” environment?

I think the “emon” part will be OK - it uses the same components as the emonTx (recommended maximum: 40°C see EmonTx V3.4 - OpenEnergyMonitor Wiki); but you might need to ask on a Raspberry Pi forum for the Pi itself. The data sheet from RS Components (RS Components International) says 0 - 50°C , with no mention of humidity, and I can find nothing more.
I’ve measured an emonPi (but not a Model 3) and it’s showing a 6 degree rise above ambient, so just inside our 40°C limit.
If it is non-condensing, and as long as the Pi remains powered, I don’t think humidity should be a problem.

No problem whatsoever operating outside but undercover. As long as it’s not exposed to water or excess moisture it will be fine.

Thank you Robert and Glyn, it’s reassuring to know it’s okay under these conditions.

Unfortunately, we have not had a very good experience with the operation of the pi under outdoor conditions. This led to a high failure rate of the SD card after several months. But maybe we just had bad luck with the SD card we used. We have not experienced any breakdowns within apartments.

What environmental conditions has the Pi been exposed to outside? High operating temperature if it’s in direct sunlight, that could certainly have contributed to reduced life span.

I live in Central Florida and have a Pi running outside in a water resistant box for the last 18 months with no issues at all. It is always hot and humid down here. The temperature inside the enclosure is always between 85 and 95 degrees, and yes a lot of Florida humidity. No SD card issues yet.

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