Openweathermap on Node-red

Hi all.

I am exploring a little more of my emon pi and today i am start to messing with Node-Red.
Is there any guide about to install another weather API on Node-Red? I am new in programing so, i would appreciate if would be simple as possible.
I am curently seeing openweathermap for Portugal but i dont know how to install a openweathermap node.
The only one in there is wunderground and don’t see anything about how install another in there.
Any tips?

Sorry for my bad english but its not my native language.

you can add nodes that other people have written, here’s one I think does what you want:

you might also need to upgrade node-red if there’s a dependency on a newer version - I had to update my node-red installation in order to install a node to support InfluxDB

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Thanks! Going to try it :slight_smile: