OpenWeatherMap, Node-Red and EmonCMS -> input arrives but stays 'inactive'

As the title says, I’ve installed EmonCMS 10.0.2 and Node-Red.
This works for getting my data from Nest into EmonCMS.
When I try to do the same with OpenWeatherMap the data gets send to EmonCMS and I see the input but it stays ‘inactive’.
How can this be resolved?


‘Inactive’ means that the data is old, AFAIK. So you need to check the timestamps in whatever messages are being sent.

It says ‘inactive’ the moment the node gets created and the data is inserted. Creating a feed with that data gives no results, so there is something going wrong, but I have no idea what…

Also I don’t see any logging of my messages… :thinking:

Besides that added a function to my flow in Node-Red which extracts only the temperature and that gets added to EmonCMS aswell (as a different device, because of different spelling, and on purpose to seperate the two, but that device is also inactive.

Could ‘device’ be the problem, not the data from Node-Red?

It’s the time that’s in the message that matters, not the time you do it.

I expect you’ll need to find out how you are sending the messages and in what format and investigate what logging facilities are provided by either the sender, the receiver or possibly the transport mechanism and turn them on.

took some fiddling but got it working…