I just got my new emonEVSE32-3PH connected to power and to WiFi.

I can get into the OpenEVSE WiFi web page and I can see that is running firmware version 2.7.4.

However, for some reason there is no light in the LCD display and the OpenEVSE hardware firmware and protocol are empty.

Any ideas?

Oh dear, very sorry to hear that does not sound right. How have you connected power to the unit? Have you wired 240V into the terminal block on the bottom right? It’s possible to power the board via single phase for testing by connecting live to L1.

LCD should power up as soon as power is connected. If it doesn’t, then there must be a fault. I’m afraid we need you to send the unit back to us. We can arrange collection. Could I ask what the serial number is on your unit?

Please drop an email to [email protected].