OpenEVSE Wifi Problems

After returning from a vacation during which my OpenEVSE was disconnected from wifi, I am unable to log-in to the web interface. I had a custom web interface password set, but had the password saved in the browser settings. After multiple attempts to log-in, I reset the wifi settings by holding down the OpenEVSE button for 10 seconds. My device is no longer connected to my home wifi, and I can see a SSID broadcast from the ESP module listed as “ESP_XXXXXX.” This itself is strange, because the device used to broadcast with a SSID of “OpenEVSE_XXXXX.” I navigated to, and can see the web interface page, but am having the same problem logging in. I get a message that “Your connection to this site is not private,” and no combination of “admin” and “openevse” will work as login credentials. Not sure what else to try.



This is strange, it could indicate that somehow the ESP firmware has been corrupted. Does the OpenEVSE_XXX SSID broadcast within a minute or two? If not then the firmware will need to be reloaded.

Do you have access to a USB to UART adaptor? If not please contact [email protected] and we will arrange a replacement.