OpenEVSE WiFi Emoncms DIY kit


I was trying to check exactly what components are included in this DIY kit and check weather this is ready for UK installation because I have read that a Type-B RCD is now required? Would this be included? Ideally could someone point me to where a full list of components is for this kit would be?

Thank you very much in advance.


The DIY Kit contains everying you need to build the up the charging station apart from the EV cable. You should choose the cable to fit your vehicle:

Installation hardware e.g type-B RCD, MCB, earth rod/O-PEN device, mini consumer unit, is not included since this hardware depends on your installation. The unit should be installed by an EV certified electrician who will be able to advise on the installation hardware required. Also, installing an EV charger in the UK required notifying the DNO.