OpenEVSE V6.3.1.EU firmware -BETA

I uploaded at the latest pre relased fw to my car “charger”.
Some problem with the fw.

  • I uploaded a single phase version, but the charger show about 3* kWh. Web interface show used firmware 6.1.3.T2. (now I see the source code, both the single and three phase fw set the 3 phase flag)
  • typo : version number in repo 6.3.1 but on charger show 6.1.3

some time I lost the contact with the charger, if I change the static IP address on router the connection is repaired. I have a ubiquity amplifi hd with a mesh point. The mesh point about 50cm from the charge, the signal between the router and mesh point is about 50% (app show this is good).

I send a pull request with a typo fix for platformio.ini file.
Fix Non-tethered T2 EmonEVSE single-phase (remove -D THREEPHASE line)
Add Tethered openEVSE EU (from 5.1.0 fw platformio.ini)
Fix version typo 6.1.3 → 6.3.1


Hi @KommyKT, thanks a lot for the PR. Good spot, I’ve merged and re-compiled the V6.3.1 pre-release.

The V6.3.1 is currently in beta, more of the more significant changes is is RAPI to 5.0.0 which includes some breaking changes. RAPI 5.0.0 is currently only supported by ESP32 WiFi with firmware V3.0.3 or greater.

This is problem with my setup is use a “old” WiFi Gateway ESP8266.
So if I want to use this fw I can buy a ESP32 base wifi gateway.

Correct, RAPI 5.0.0 is only supported with ESP32 WiFi 3.x wifi firmware.

Is there a particular reason why you want to run OpenEVSE V6.3.1 firmware?

No particular reason, but why not using the latest release :grinning:. And I like to test things.

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That’s a valid reason! But please be aware this firmware is marked as ‘pre-release’ and should only be used for testing. That being said, I’ve been running it for a few weeks now with no issues.

It you don’t want to upgrade to ESP32 I would commend sticking with the previous firmware and WiFi 2.x. However, ESP32 WiFi 3.x has a number of advantages and will continue to be developed. We were running out of space on the ESP8266!

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I couldn’t resist! - All working for me so far.

default_envs = emonevse

Not correct for openevse…