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OpenEVSE using all available power at home


im looking to buy a OpenEVSE kit to my house, but i have 2 requests for my personal wallbox.

  • the first one is the wallbox need to use all the avalable power of the house changing due house need, example i have 30amp contract but at night only use like 1 or 2 amps so i want the box to use the remain 28 to charge, but if a fridge start to work box reduce the power. i know this is possible, any topic explaining programming and what need?
  • second one i see OpenEVSE already done its solar usage and thats perfect.

a bit new at EV world, programming is the hardest part to me.
hope someone could help


I am assuming that as you have restricted incoming power are you in Spain?
If that is the case often the supply is across multi phases (often 15A per phase) If this is the case the setup you want may be quite complex.


Im from Portugal
Only have 30amp contract single phase so i need some sort of device measuring my house consumption to tell to EVSE that avalable output to charge the car.


I think the easiest way is to use the emonpi then set the feeds up so that the current draw that your house uses is subtracted from your total allowance of 30A. then you can use the resultant feed to modulate the charge current. The only issue I can see is the standard setup is set to allow you to go over the current for short periods so as not to overwork the contactors but I suspect you could alter the values to fix that.