OpenEVSE temperature Reading

Have my unit actively charging my car now,… it displays power usage and current being demanded,… But,. it is not showing any temperatures,… and all received values at the emonpi logging side show as ‘Null’,… leading me to believe there maybe an issue.
Am I missing something,… as I have read the OpenEVSE unit will fold back current supplied if temperature thresholds are exceeded.?
Also,… the only car I can select in the vehicle tab is a Tesla,… I don’t have a Tesla,… what if anything do I enter.
Can anyone help? Many Tx

I believe some units have been shipped with no temperature sensor due to component shortages. The temperature throttling has not been enabled on recent hardware configurations anyway as the default temperature sensor was moved to the WiFi board and we have not added that feature yet.

On the vehicle config, for none-Tesla owners you can provide the vehicle data via MQTT, this does mean that you will need something like Home Assistant or Node Red to read the values from the vehicle and expose them via MQTT.

Hi, tx for the response Jeremy,…
So my next question is, when the sensor becomes available,… will it be supplied as a retro fit,… as I don’t mind fitting it myself, and loading new firmware.
Not running my Home Assistant server ATM,… so no direct access to MQTT stuff,… does anyone else have the templates for any other vehicles,… and if I do get an MQTT server running,… what data do I feed,… as I have not seen a list of required parameters.
Many tx…

Yes, we can supply a temp sensor which is a plug and play with your current hardware. Please email the shop to arrange this [email protected]