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OpenEVSE PV Divert maximum current

Second day of using the ECO - PV Divert mode.
I saw that the max. current is 12A even if the available current is over 15A.
It doesn’t matter, if I change the max. current, manually to 16A, the OpenEVSE will change it dinamically after a few seconds, but it looks like never above 12A, in fact in the user interface “Setup” > “Max Current” will be changed only to a smaller value and will never rise back again.
Am I doing something wrong or the car, limit the charge rate, temporary to 12A? (Hyundai Kona 64kWh, with only 7.4kW AC charger onboard).

It looks like this issue was solved by power cycling the OpenEVSE (3.3.2 and 7.0.2) ON/OFF with the Eco - PV Divert mode Enabled.
Now even the “Setup > Max Current” remaining on the manually set value (no more drifting).

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