OpenEVSE on, off controlled by time and PV divert

i would like to set up my EVSE to operate a few hours in the morning at normal power(timer controlled) to give some garanteed charge for the shcool and work run, then when the car is plugged in after work about lunchtime it reverts to eco mode(PV divert) which is how i think i have set it in the attached screenshot, is this set up correctly? will the timer overule the PV for the set period?

This is setup correctly, but will need a fix in the latest development build to work correctly. You can either wait for the next release or give the development build a try

i think that would be way beyond my capabilities,

will this update take care of my other post , regarding the rather large difference between PV generation and the amount diverted to the EVSE? 11 amp generated but only 7.7 amps to EVSE

V4.1.6 release is now available which includes this fix: Release V4.1.6 · OpenEVSE/ESP32_WiFi_V4.x · GitHub

I have a timer set from 9pm to 6am with the idea that I would be in eco mode for all the daylight hours… But this timer seems to always turn off the eco mode?

Once I toggle the Eco switch I can see details about solar and it says it’s active… But then if I just reload my browser it reverts back to eco being off?