OpenEVSE new build is dead, apart from WiFi

Just built my new OpenEVSE. No problems with the build, but when powering it up to test, no LCD, no relay clack, nothing, except flashing LEDs on WiFi module.

Have since been able to get the WiFi set up and can connect to the unit which reports EVSE is not powered or not connected, or something like that. However it appears to offer some config. options.

All connections look correct and power is obviously being supplied to the WiFi module, but the EVSE is basically dead.

Now sure where I go from here. :confused:

Apparently the EU version does not test the relay during boot. So the only way to know things are working is the LCD, which in my case appears to be dead, even though it is being supplied with 5V.

Maybe just an LCD problem then?

Except when I browse to the EVSE, it informs me the EVSE is not connected, or not powered or something like that. Which I am guessing would not be the case if it was just the LCD that was the issue.

So back to square one I guess. :confused:

Could you post some photos of your built, so we can check the connections?

If the WiFi gateway says it can’t connect to the EVSE, this means there’s either an issue with the connection between the WiFi and the controller or the controller is dead / no booting properly.

I sent photos directly to support. Do you want me to post them on here also?

It had occurred to me that the message about not connected to the EVSE indicates more than just an LCD fault. Some questions:-

Should the LCD light up as soon as 5v is applied? Or does it also require some signal to make it do that? IOW, is it possible my LCD is ok, even though it remains black when 5v is applied?

What runs the web server? Does that run on the actual WiFi card, or the control module? So is the web page I am seeing generated on the WiFi module and so the control module is dead, apart from providing power to the WiFi module?

What I’m trying to determine is if my symptoms (dead LCD and WiFi module cannot connect to control module) could all be caused by just a faulty control module?

The most unlikely scenario is more than just a single faulty module, so could this all be the EVSE control module not functioning correctly?

Here’s what I see when browsing to the powered on EVSE:-

While waiting for OpenEnergyMonitor to send a replacement EVSE control module, I thought I’d try flashing the one that came with the kit. That process made it clear that the module had no current firmware, which kinda explains why it wasn’t doing anything.

So I flashed it with 8.2.2_EU and the EVSE then powered up and performed the POST and all seems good.

I also tested it with the EV simulator and it seems to be working exactly as it should.

What I also established was that the web server is run from the WiFi module, hence even with an empty control module, it was still able to serve the web pages and just complain it couldn’t connect to the EVSE.

So I think I’m ready to install it for use in the car port now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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