OpenEVSE kit shipping country

Sorry for asking this here but i can see that openenergymonitor sells openevse wifi kit ( here: OpenEVSE WiFi EV Charging Station 7kW | European KIT - Shop | OpenEnergyMonitor ).

Can someone tell if the shipping is from Europe country, due to avoid paying custom taxes?



Hi Celso,

The Open Energy Monitor shop ships from Wales, in the UK.
So unfortunately we’re not a European country currently.

But I think items are charged without UK taxes being applied, so only one tax, the tax due in the country of use, is paid.

The British Isles is geographically part of Europe, but not part of the (political) European Union.

Thank you for all the answers.

The VAT it isn’t a problem. The problem is the Customs retain the purchase until i pay a % of the value of what i paid for the kit, making it much more expensive.

But thanks for the help.