Openevse Ethernet gateway not connecting V5.1.0

I was on version 5.0.2 of the wifi, wired connection and updated to 5.1.0 and now it just connects to wifi, which I don’t want, I want it to use LAN cable.
No idea where I can go and disable wifi, any ideas?


Strange one, reverted back the wifi FW to 5.0.2 and LAN working again


Same issue here.
It seems LAN is ignored in latest firmware release,

I too had to revert back to v5.0.0 (which is working very nicely)

@glyn.hudson … fyi this is with the recommended olimex gateway previously sold by shop.

Apologies this issue has now been fixed, the fix will be included in the next FW release:

You can install the dev build from here Release Development Build · OpenEVSE/openevse_esp32_firmware · GitHub

However, V5.1.0 only adds support for new openevse lcd hardware. Currently there’s no reason to update past v5.0.2

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