OpenEVSE ESP32 fix for occasional weird behaviour

I have an old OpenEVSE wall unit that I upgraded to ESP32 from the shop. It worked OK but required power cycling about twice a month when acting oddly for no obvious cause. I decided to try adding some additional smoothing to the supply rail and fitted a small circuit board with 47uF and 100nF caps. It is now three months on and I no longer have to revive the unit by power cycling.

Maybe this could be of use to others.


Thanks for the feedback, are the extra caps added to the 12v input or on the 3.3v power lines?

I cut the output from the 12V – 5V DC to DC module close to the ESP 32 and added a small strip board with screw termination and extra caps on the 5V rail.

@glyn.hudson FYI