OpenEVSE - Display shows 0A 0kWh while charging normally

Dear energymonitor crew,

Got Display, OpenEVSE Board, Wifibord and the Transformer coils from OpenEnergiyMonitor Shop (in december 19 ) and really enjoyed setting up 3 Phase Wallbox using your well documented hardware. I added a 16A Fuse an EV-RCD and a big 4pole relay and put everything in standard box.

After putting all the things together i went through the test procedure from the OpenEVSE site, all test were performed as expected. - All the topics are really well documented and working out of the box. - Great project …

Up to now I did not change the original firmware so after startup the display shows
Ver. 5.1.0.EU
and after a short moment

Everything works fine, but while charging the car the current shown in the Display is always zero.
Only one wire running throug the measurement coil (brown one - L1). I measured the resistance at the coil input it is around 22 Ohm. So from my point of view everything should be ok.

Where is my mistake ?

Please be so kind and advise how to proceed…

Thanks alot in advance,


Today I setup everything to reprogramm the OpenEVSE Board, flashing the emonevse-3ph.hex
solves the current measurement problem.
So it seems that the openevse.hex (Version 5.1.0.EU) does not fit to the openEVSE hardware in terms of current measurement.

If tethered cable is used it is still necessery that a resistor (eg 220Ohm for 32A) between PP IEC and GND is placed otherwise the automatic detection fails and the system can not change the state to connected.

By the way:

  • I tried to translate the most of the display messages to german…
    Language_german_h.txt (3.4 KB)

  • If you try to compile the actual code (Version 5.1.0.EU) using the Arduino IDE, the source build flags
    PP_AUTO_AMPACITY, THREEPHASE, and VERSION = “5.1.0XX” must be set in openevse.h. If platformio is used this is done in platformio.txt

best regards,

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goof to hear that you got it working @hary, i will copy in @glyn.hudson as this might be useful for his attention