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OpenEVSE Demand shaper

Last night i set EmonCMS OpenEVSE demand shaper to charge for 2 periods. 02:43am to 03:00am, 03:30am to 04:00am but it ran a few more periods

Hello @Pukka are you automatically updating the stage of charge somehow? is there a chance this got stuck and so it kept extending the charge time?

Nothing else is interfacing with the charger, its strange that it stopped then started again 3 times.

I scheduled a job last night with the demand shaper should have ran for an 2x 30 min slots, but it charged the car to 100%

How are you accessing the car state of charge? Is this via the demandshaper OVMS option?

Hi Trystan,

Here is my config, its a BMW i3

Great thanks @Pukka how are you setting the battery charge level input?
Have you recorded the battery charge level (SOC) for the period that the charge overran?

I am thinking that “control based on” is wrong, I dont get any inputs on the battery state

Ok, the demandshaper module will need that to work in that mode. The OpenEVSE charger has no way of knowing the car’s state of charge unfortunately. You can use the Charge time, charge energy and travel distance options, these do not require knowledge of the state of charge and will just turn the charger on for the desired time, energy, distance requirements. Perhaps try turning ‘ok to interrupt’ off as well as that will charge in a single block.