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Hi guys, I am new to open energy monitor, and I wanted to know if someone could share an app or dashboard that was setup to show my daily charge consumption, that would be calculated on my energy cost, which doesnt change, its a fixed cost 24hrs. Any help would be appreciated. I tried looking around and I couldnt find what I was looking for.

Hello @jaygrovr and welcome to OpenEnergyMonitor!
Do you have Emoncms running on a emonBase/Pi or are you using

You should be able to use the MyElectric emoncms app once the data is in emoncms e.g:
Application dashboards - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

@TrystanLea thanks so much for the reply. I am running the online version and I have installed the myelectric app, but its not really showing what I was expecting. Which feed or input should the two uses be tied to? I only have some data that seems to be more active, like real time charging current and cumulative energy. I am not seeing the correct inputs or feeds to tie the myenergy too.