OpenEVSE and Nissan Leaf preheat/climate control

Has anyone got any experience of using the Nissan Leaf’s preheat function with the openEVSE?

With my old chargemaster charger you plugged in to the car and charged or set a timer in the car for when to charge. If you decided you wanted to turn on the climate control remotely the car would turn on the heater/air con and ask for power from the charger. All good.

I have noticed since I replaced my charger with the openEVSE that this function is either not working unless the car is unplugged. I am guessing this is to do with the charger control being done by openEVSE and not the car?

For example if I pause the charge and set a timer on openEVSE it will not let the car ask for power for climate control. I tried resuming the charge this morning and then turning climate control on remotely but nothing happened at the car end even though the request was sent to the car.

Wondered if anyone else has experienced this and worked out a get around.

The preheat will work just the same as with your Chargemaster unit if the openevse is in the ‘on’ setting e.g not sleeping. However, if you use the openevse to force the charging to stop either manually or using the openevse timer then the car is unable to draw powr for the preheating from the charger.

If you do want or preheat from the charger then you will first need to re enable the openevse then start the preheat. This could be done automatically via a remote rapi command e.g you could make a node red flow to enable the charger then start the preheat via Nissan api.