openEVSE and graphs on emoncms

Hi folks. Just got going with my openEVSE and emponpi.

Emonpi seems to be behaving as expected, but I’m not seeing what I expect in the data being sent to emonpi.

The feed seems to be

showing 21.63 kWh and I put in around 20kWh today but the evse app is showing zero kWh today. Any tips on how to debug this would be welcomed.

Tim Robinson

Hello @gr0mit and welcome!

The n/a values for the feed sizes is a bit strange.

What do you see for the number of ‘feed points pending write’ on the Admin page in the services section?

So I’m investigating this a bit more.

The car was charging for approx 30 mins this afternoon. See openevse shot.

However, the openevse app does NOT show today’s charge, but YESTERDAY’s. Why is it not showing today’s charge so far on the bar graph, and the ‘today kWh’ ? I’m suspecting a bug?

Any ideas?