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openEVSE and emoncms

I have just installed an openEVSE car charger. I am trying to get the data into emoncms. There are two emoncms programs, one running locally and one running on This is confusing to me but I think I should be concentrating on right now.

On I have created a feed called evCharger. On the openEVSE local web interface, on the Services tab, I have stated the emoncms Server as and the Emoncms Node* as evCharger and filled in the long Emoncms write-apikey. It says it has sent 100 posts.

However, on I have no feeds coming in.

Why is this please?


And those two are (almost) totally separate, and are in fact different in some significant details due to being multi-user, while your local emonCMS is totally within your control, and in some cases has more features.

There are two ways for data to get to The “obvious” way is to get the data into your local emonCMS first, because that - when you fill in the’s APIkey and enable it in emonhub.conf - also sends the data onwards to Alternatively, if you are using Ethernet or Wi-Fi to send from the openEVSE via your LAN, then it could send directly to, bypassing your local emonCMS.

When you do either, you should see the data appearing on the Inputs page of, and from there you write the data to Feeds (in the same way as you do/did on your local emonCMS).

Thanks, Robert.
I did not get any data appearing in my new evCharger input feed in The openEVSE program appeared happy that I had given the right url and key though and it reported sending data packets at a sensible rate.

So I am now trying my local emoncms. I have put as the Emoncms server and I have copied the write key given in the myAccount page. I have put a new input called evCharger in the virtual feeds list. The Emoncms server seems not to accept this data since the statement at the bottom of the openEVSE page is the following
Connected: No

I’m afraid I can’t help any more, while I can tell you the normal way that data gets into emonCMS, but I don’t know the details of openEVSE.

Thanks for your help in explaining the distinction between the two emoncms programs etc., Robert.

The solution to where to post on the local machine is to use the url

The data is appearing now as an input. I have to convert current and voltage to a feed and multiply them if I can. I am relearning the intricacies of the local emoncms program which I first learned about nearly 10 years ago after getting my solar panels.

If you multiply current and voltage in emonCMS, that’s only apparent power (not the real power that you pay for - this can only be calculated properly inside the emonTx or the emonPi). And you must do the calculation on the Inputs page and then send the apparent power to a feed (probably as well as the voltage and current).

You need to tell your router to always give that address to the computer running emonCMS. If the router isn’t told, it might allocate a different address the next time it starts up, and everything will break.