Only user 1 can send email


Using my own self configured install on a raspberry pi, i have it configured to send me emails when batteries run low, etc. This woks fine in my account (user 1), i also have a couple of friends with their own accounts on my site (users 2 and 3), they have also setup emails when things happen but they never get them and there is no errors in the log file.

Any help would be appreciated.

AFAIK that’s how it is, that’s not to say it was deliberate or desirable, but I believe the current status is that it can only send emails to the one account as this has been discussed before. Therefore I do not think this is unique to your setup and nothing has “broken” as such, but you will need to put your dev hat on and dive into the code to get it to send for other accounts.

I have just searched the old forums and cannot find anything on this (perhaps I dreamt it?) but I have just rechecked one of my multi-user builds and as I suspected the email event didn’t work for my other user.

I figured that it may be the case it was unintentional, i will indeed have a nose about through the code, although PHP is not my forte.

Paul, you didn’t dream it:

You went too far back.